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Using Non-Lag MA (Non-Lagged Moving Average) with Technical Analysis in Forex

The Non Lag MA, stands for Non Lag Moving Average, is an indicator that shows the lag-free returns of the moving average. The Non Lag MA indicator has lines that clearly show Up and Down trends. In many pairs, the directions can be easily seen. In this article, I will try to explain to you how the Non Lag MA indicator works and how to use it on the parity with examples on Metatrader 4.

Message Digest 5 (MD5) vs Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA-256)

Hash is a function that when it’s used to produce a particular output for every single input independent of time, machine power and device specification. According to the algorithm, output is always in fixed size. Even if the input size is changed, output size never does.

Using setInterval and setTimeout in JavaScript

There is a setTimeout and setInterval function on the front-end side of a website that allows you to perform an operation after a certain period of time. All web browsers support these two functions. In this article I will try to give you some examples of these two functions.