Fatih TAN

Software Engineer

As a Senior Backend Developer, I work on various enterprise applications, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, and user and administrator applications using .NET C#. With over 9 years of professional experience in software engineering, my focus areas include web, mobile, and data science solutions. Additionally, I hold multiple certificates from iSchool Wissen Akademie in software development and data analysis.

A major milestone in my career was founding Dixie7 Software and Consultancy in 2019. This venture was a significant step in my professional journey, allowing me to develop enterprise applications and provide cloud service consultancy. My work with Dixie7 involved delivering bespoke digital infrastructure solutions to various clients, which enhanced my technical skills and business-market insight.

My passion for software development was ignited in high school when I first learned C programming. Since then, I've mastered languages such as JAVA, C#, Python, C/C++, MQL 4, and MQL 5, and gained expertise in cloud services like AWS, Azure, and GCP, as well as in developing investment robots for algorithmic trading. I also take great pleasure in teaching and mentoring students worldwide, sharing my knowledge and experience in software project design, development, and deployment.

My ultimate goal is to offer innovative and customized solutions and infrastructure consultancy services to clients, leveraging the latest stable technologies and best practices.

Working Experiences

  • Finveo Investment - Senior Software Engineer & IT Department Manager - Oct 2022 - Mar 2024, Podgorica, Montenegro (remote)
  • Ottoo Software Inc. - Senior .NET Developer - Jul 2022 - Feb 2024, İstanbul, Turkey (remote)
  • Foton Energy Software & Consultancy Inc. - Senior Software Developer - Jun 2022 - Oct 2023, İstanbul, Turkey (part-time, remote)
  • BA Legal Software Inc. - Senior Software Engineer & Project Team Lead - Dec 2020 - Jul 2022, İzmir, Turkey (onsite)
  • PI Legal Software Inc. - Software Developer - Feb 2018 - Dec 2020, İzmir, Turkey (onsite)
  • Dixie7 Software and Consultancy - Founder & Software Developer - May 2019 - Dec 2021, İzmir, Turkey (remote)
  • CodeLineX Software and Consultancy Inc. - Co-Founder & Software Developer - May 2018 - Mar 2021, İstanbul, Turkey (remote)
  • Ciceksepeti.com - Junior Backend Developer - Aug 2017 - Feb 2018, İstanbul, Turkey (onsite)
  • Bahçeşehir University Distance Education Unit - Software Developer - Feb 2017 - May 2017, İstanbul, Turkey (part-time, onsite)
  • Vektor Telekom Vehicle Tracking Management Systems - Software Developer - Mar 2016 - Sep 2016, İstanbul, Turkey (part-time, onsite)
  • BİMSA Inc. - Intern - Jun 2015 - Sep 2015, İstanbul, Turkey (onsite)
  • Tacirler Investment Securities Inc. - Intern - Jul 2014 - Sep 2014, İstanbul, Turkey (onsite)

Software Technologies I Use

I develop mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms, especially web software. I am working on investment robots on Algorithmic Trading.


The chronological order of the web technologies I have used so far is as follows;

  • ASP.NET Web Form
  • Python Django
  • ASP.NET .Core MVC
  • Java Maven and Spring

I have worked on 60+ projects with ASP.NET MVC, Web Form, ASP.NET Core MVC.

Mobile App

I have worked on mobile application development with Swift on iOS and JAVA on Android. The mobile applications I have developed, which are currently live and available to everyone;

Web Service

The Web Service technology that I also use in the mobile applications I develop is ASP.NET MVC Web API 2. RestFUL service, and it has an oAuth 2.0 authentication module. I also carried out Web Service studies with Python, JAVA and PHP languages.


Like every Junior Developer, I developed desktop applications using .NET Windows Form Application first. I also gained desktop application development experience using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), JAVA Swing, JAVA FX, Python Tkinter technologies.